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IGI Portal (Online Applications)

By launching the online application service, the General Inspectorate for Immigration offers applicants the opportunity to prove that they meet the legal requirements by uploading supporting documents online, before presenting at the counter with the public. Through this working method, the General Inspectorate for Immigration aims to shorten the waiting time in front of the counter and streamline the process of receiving applications.

System for announcing the accommodation / accommodation of foreigners

The portal is addressed to foreigners legally entering the territory of Romania, as well as to the persons who host them and who have the obligation to notify about this the competent territorial police structure, within 3 days from the date of entry and, respectively, of hosting foreigners.

Online short stay visa calculator

In order to apply the 90-day / 180-day rule, a computer has been developed for the general public and Member State authorities. The computer is only an aid tool and does not constitute a right of residence for a period resulting from its calculation. It is always the responsibility of the competent authorities of the Member States (especially the border guards) to implement the provisions and to take a decision on the length of the authorized stay or the overrun.

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