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Organizational structure and tasks of the General Inspectorate for Immigration are provided in Government Decision nr.639 of 20 June 2007, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 426 on June 26  2007. 

As organization, the General Inspectorate for Immigration consists at central level, of the departments, services and other functional structures and at local level, of regional centers for accommodation and procedures for asylum seekers, detention centers for foreigners in detention and services / offices in each county. 

In exercising its duties, the General Inspectorate for Immigration cooperates with the structures of the Ministry of Interior and other state institutions, collaborats with nongovernmental organizations and foreigners working in the field of migration and protection of humanitarian arrangements, with similar institutions from abroad legal international organizations.

The need to further develop  this unique structure with tasks in the field of migration and asylum, by multiple reorganization phase, was driven mainly by:

  • growing trend, both in volume and complexity of the flows of illegal immigrants and asylum, due to events occurring worldwide;
  • increasing accommodation capacity and removal of aliens detected with illegal stay;
  • increasing the processing capacity of asylum applications, and improving accomodation conditions for asylum seekers;
  • extending the areas of implementation of integration programs for foreigners who have a right to stay in Romania;
  • the need for increased EU funds absorption,    
  • continuation and intensification of preparations for Romania’s accession to Schengen;
  • ensure active participation, consistent and uniform decision-making process at European level in these dynamic areas;
  • further harmonization of legislation and internal procedures in the field of migration and asylum to the continously changing EU acquis;
  • adequate and consistent implementation of Community acts, directly applicable nationwide.
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