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26 January 2022


As a European Union citizen or member of his family you can benefit of residence in Romania as long as you fulfill the conditions of residence provided by GEO no.102 / 2005 with subsequent amendments and completions and as long as you are not an excessive burden for social insurance system in Romania.

General Inspectorate for Immigration may issue a decision to leave the territory of Romania against EU citizens and members of their families who do not qualify for exercising the right of residence.

The person against whom it was issued the decision to leave the territory of Romania has the obligation to leave Romania in 30 days from the date of communication of the decision.

Against the Decision to leave the territory of Romania one has the right to apel to competent courts of law.

Restricting the right of residence

There are situations when free movement on the Romanian territory of citizens of EU / EEA and their family members is restricted in a certain context. Thus, there are situations where they are not allowed to enter Romania, they are removed from the country for reasons of public health, they are declared undesirable or they are expelled.


Failure of the EU / EEA / Swiss Confederation citizen and of the members of their families to respect the obligation to report within the period prescribed by the law (3 months) to General Inspectorate for Immigration, in order to be registred incurs sanctioning with fine from 25 lei to 50 lei. The same sanction is used to punish the failing of following obligations:

  • Declaring to the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration, within 30 days after the event, of the following: any change regarding the name, nationality and address, and, for family members who are not nationals of the European Union, any relevant change on marital status.
  • Declaring to the police station in the area where the incident occurred, within 48 hours from the event of loss or theft of documents based upon which the individual can cross the state border of Romania (passport, travel document, other identity documents) and of those issued by the Romanian authorities for certification of residency (registration certificate, residence card).
  •  Loss, damage or destruction of documents issued by the Romanian authorities in terms of GEO no.102 / 2005 shall be declared to the territorial competent body of the General Inspectorate for Immigration, within 48 hours from the event.
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