Ministry of Internal Affairs
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Asylum seekers benefit from the confidentiality of all data and information related to their case. In order to solve the asylum application it is necessary to conduct an interview with the asylum seeker, giving him the opportunity to detail the reasons that led him to request a form of protection.

The interview includes:

  • Interviewing the asylum seeker by a specially designated IGI official;
  • Clarifying all aspects needed to address the demand;

The interview sheet:

  • Includes data of identification of the applicant, the name of the official, of the interpreter, of the legal representative and / or of the lawyer assisting him / her, the language of the interview, the questions and applicant’s answers;
  • After reading the interview, signed on each page by the asylum seeker, the official and, in case they attended the interview, also by the interpreter, lawyer, legal representative.
  • When deemed necessary a new interview may be conducted.

The asylum seeker has the right to be assisted by a lawyer during the interview. Thus, the asylum seeker can hire a lawyer. In certain situations, in cases selected by NGOs, asylum seekers may be assisted by a counselor from these organizations.
The interview is translated by an interpreter who is paid by the asylum authorities.

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