Ministry of Internal Affairs
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18 May 2020

Given the cessation of the state of emergency, in the context of maintaining the risk of transmitting the infection with the new coronavirus, in the next period, until normalcy, to ensure the right of citizens to petition but also to protect employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – IGI, public relations will be as follows: 

The activity of receiving in the hearing will take place only in special cases, related to the situation presented by the requesting audience.

If the hearing is approved, it will take place as follows:

– The hearings will take place at the headquarters of the I.G.I structures, and the working table where the discussion with the citizens will take place will have a plexiglass between the speakers.

– A maximum of 2 people will be accepted at the hearing at the same time for the dialogue with the leading staff.

– The hearing will be limited to a maximum interval of 15 minutes, thus respecting the medical recommendations to avoid prolonged interaction between several people.

– Persons attending the hearing will be required to wear masks and protective gloves and to comply with the rules for preventing COVID infection 19.

– The space where the audience takes place will be disinfected before and after the end of each activity.

 In order to ensure communication between citizens and management staff, audiences can also be conducted by telephone.

 If the hearing cannot -take place, it may be ordered that the reported issues be sent for resolution to a specialized department, the applicant will receive a response to those notified.

 In order to achieve the above, the applicants will mention, -compulsory, in the request for reception in the audience, the contact telephone number and / or the e-mail address.

 The citizens’ counseling activity, provided by OMAI no. 33/2020 on the activities of solving petitions, receiving in audience and advising citizens, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will take place as follows:

– The activity will be carried out, by telephone, by the public relations workers, the citizens being able to call the telephone numbers displayed in the “Contact” section of the IGI website.

 The activity of receiving citizens’ petitions will be ensured through postal items, e-mail addresses or by filling in, online, the forms posted on the IGI website.

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