Ministry of Internal Affairs


British citizens and their family members, beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement are under the following obligations:

  • comply with Romanian law while staying in Romania;
  • refrain from staying on Romanian territory beyond the period for which their stay was authorised, and take all necessary steps to leave Romania before the end of that period;
  • report within 30 days, to the territorial office of the General Inspectorate for Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior that granted them the right of stay, about the following:
  • any change occurred in their personal situation, especially change of name, citizenship, domicile or residence, conclusion, termination or annulment of marriage, birth or adoption of a child, death of a family member located on Romanian territory;
  • extension of the validity or change of the document needed for crossing the national border.
  • apply for a new residence permit in case they change their name, citizenship, domicile or residence when they report the changes occurred in their personal status;
  • report within 48 hours, to the police office that has territorial jurisdiction, the theft or loss of the document needed for crossing the national border or the identity document;
  • at least 30 days before the expiry of the validity period, the holder of the permanent residence permit is obliged to present himself at the territorially competent formation of the General Inspectorate for Immigration, in order to change the document.

Failure to comply with the deadline for reporting the theft, loss, damage or destruction of the residence permit, respectively the document for tolerated stay shall constitute an administrative violation and is punishable by law. The value of fine is no less than 100 RON and no more than 500 RON.

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