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26 March 2020

In the context of preventive and limiting measures of the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the General Inspectorate for Immigration establishes new measures for foreign citizens, which will be applied during the establishment of the state of emergency.

The activity of taking requests for the issuance of travel documents, residence permits and reunification of the family for the beneficiaries of a form of international protection is suspended, as well as receiving requests for the return of national passports, for issuing copies of documents or for rectification. of the data in the personal file.

If the validity of the documents released by the General Inspectorate for Immigration (residence permits, travel documents, return decisions, etc.) expire during this period, they will be automatically extended until the end of this situation with no steps needed from foreign citizens.

In addition, the previously approved measures are maintained, aimed at avoiding crowding in the areas of public relations. The communication activity will be done, as far as possible, by electronic means of communication and through postal services.

Thus, the number of persons whose access is allowed simultaneously in the spaces where the counters are arranged is limited, and the activity of receiving the audience within the structures of the General Inspectorate for Immigration is suspended.

Also, access in the headquarters of the county structures for immigration will be allowed only to the holders or, as the case may be, to the mandated/delegated persons, based on the identity document/border crossing document, presented in the original.

During the period of emergency, the public relations program’s time schedule can be modified, and in this regard, please consult the Contact section of the public site by accessing the following link:

The requests addressed on the online portal will be taken over mainly, and in the case of the non-programmed ones, those will be received only for fully justified situations, of maximum urgency.

The suspension of activities at the information points is maintained (citizens are informed by electronic means and/or telecommunications) as well as receiving requests for granting the right of long-term residence to foreign nationals and beneficiaries of international protection.

At the same time, the interviews aimed at identifying the elements of the marriage of convenience, with the written notification of the foreigners, will be rescheduled.

The obligations of foreigners stipulated in GEO no. 194/2002 republished, with subsequent amendments and completions, regarding informing the authorities about the changes in the situation of foreigners (eg change of residence / domicile, change of names, etc.) or regarding the theft / loss of the residence permit will be notified in the deadline stipulated by law, on the e-mail address of the territorially competent structure, following that for the exchange of the permit to submit a subsequent application.

Also, visits to the centres under the administration of the institution are limited and several preventive measures are established in order to ensure the protection of the persons inhabited.

The General Inspectorate for Immigration reiterates the recommendation addressed to foreign citizens on the Romanian territory to contact us for any aspect that falls within the competence of the institution, to inform themselves ONLY FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES and to comply with the measures taken by the authorities in efforts to prevent and combat the spread of the new virus.


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