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25 November 2022

Immigration officers working with Bucharest Directorate for Immigration –Tracking and Fighting Illegal Residence and Employment of the Foreigners-Service, brought to the Centre for Accommodations for Foreigners taken in Public Custody-Otopeni, two foreign nationals from Syria and Afghanistan respectively, which according with the Dublin Regulation have been transferred from Germany and Poland to ROMANIA. After leaving ROMANIA, there will be issued a FORBIDDING ENTERING DECISION ON ROMANIA for the next 5 years.

Constant and permanent checks regarding obeying the legal provisions on foreigners living in ROMANIA, fighting illegal immigration and providing free and unrestricted access to the asylum proceedings are a priority for Immigration officers. All these are providing an appropriate level of security for citizens.

On 22 November 2022, Immigrations officers brought to the Centre for Accommodations for Foreigners taken in Public Custody Otopeni, two foreign nationals, aged 22 and 47 respectively (Syrian and Afghan).

The above-mentioned foreigners have been transferred from Germany and Poland, in line with Dublin Regulations provisions.

Towards both of them has been taken the decision of being taken in public custody and were accommodated in the Centre for Accommodations for Foreigners taken in Public Custody – Otopeni, until they will be forcibly expelled from ROMANIA.

Following departure from Romanian territory, in line with the provisions of the Government s Emergency Ordinance no.194/2004 on legal status of the foreigners in ROMANIA, with all later legal updates, there will be enforced a decision of FORBIDDING ENTERING ON ROMANIAN TERITORY for a period of 5 years.


Public custody of foreigners

According with the mentioned above legal provisions, public custody is a temporary restrictive action on freedom of movement on Romanian territory, taken against foreigners in order to fulfill all necessary requirements needed for expelling them from ROMANIA under Immigration officers escort.

Decision for taken a foreigner under public custody, is taken for a period of 30 days, according to a motivated  ordinance issued by an especially assigned prosecutor belonging to the Prosecutor Office s of the Appeal Court in Bucharest, following a motivated request lodged by the Immigration General Inspectorate(MHQ)”;this procedure is valid only against a foreigner which cannot be expelled from Romanian territory under escort within the first 24 hours since he/she was tracked and also being in one of the following cases:

a) poses a risk of running out from being expelled under escorting procedure;

b) avoids or obstructs preparations for his/her returning to home country or under escorting;

c) he/she is subject of expelling.

The total period of being held in public custody cannot be longer than 6 months, excepting exceptional situations.

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