Ministry of Internal Affairs


3 April 2020

The General Inspectorate for Immigration informs the employers and the beneficiaries of the provision of services that their obligations, according to art. 34 of the GO no.25 / 2014 regarding the employment and posting of foreigners in Romania, are maintained during the period of the state of emergency. Also, foreign citizens, who have terminated their employment contracts, have the opportunity to remain in the territory of our country to identify a new employer and can benefit from social protection measures under the law.

The employer/beneficiary of the provision of services who has hired or seconded a foreign citizen in the category of those who do not need to obtain a work permit must communicate to the General Inspectorate for Immigration, within 10 days from the date of starting their activity on the territory Romania, the copy of the individual employment contract, the copy of the detachment act, as well as the documents attesting to belonging to one of the categories provided by law.

Also, any modification or termination of the individual employment contract concluded with the foreign citizen or, as the case may be, the termination of his posting will be communicated by both the employer and the person employed within the legal term of 10 days.

Given the measures to prevent and limit the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we recommend that the transmission of documents in question be carried out by electronic means of remote communication. For this purpose, postal correspondence, fax or e-mail address of the territorially competent structure can be used, by consulting the institutional website at the Contact section.

According to the legislation in force, in case the work report of the foreign citizen ceases before the expiration of the period for which the residence documents were issued, he can remain on the Romanian territory, for a period of maximum 90 days, to find a new employer and can benefit from indemnity for loss of a job from the state, under the conditions of Law 76/2002 regarding the unemployment insurance system and the stimulation of employment. Also, the employees can benefit from the technical unemployment allowance under the conditions of the Emergency Ordinance no. 32/2020.


By adopting the Military Ordinance no. 2/2020, regarding the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), it is forbidden to enter the territory of Romania of foreign citizens or stateless persons, except those who have a long-stay visa, a residence permit, a document equivalent to the permit residence issued by the Romanian authorities or the other Member States. At the same time, they are allowed to enter the persons travelling for imperative reasons (medical or family), they are family members of the Romanian citizens, European and the Swiss Confederation citizens with residence in our country, persons who are moving in professional interest, proved by visa, allowed by residence or another equivalent document.

At the same time, according to the Military Ordinance no. 3/2020, regarding the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the documents that expire during the state of emergency, issued by the public authorities, can be exchanged within 90 days from the date of cessation of the state of emergency.

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