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British citizens

After the end of the transition period (after the 1st of January 2021):

  • British citizens, as beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement, may enter Romania without a visa, only under a valid travel document and a residence permit issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration. Until the new residence permits are obtained, British citizens benefiting from the Withdrawal Agreement can enter the Romanian territory, without a visa or other formalities, based on valid documents issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, in accordance with EU legislation.  
  • British citizens who do not enjoy rights under the Withdrawal Agreement can enter and reside in Romania without a visa for a period of 90 days within any 180 days.

Family members of British citizens:

Family members (to list them below – husband or wife of the British citizen; direct descendants, including adopted ones, who have not turned 21 years of age or are dependants of the British citizen, as well as those of the husband/wife or partner; direct ascendants, irrespective of citizenship, who are dependants of the British citizen, as well as those of the husband/wife or partner; partner – a person who lives together with the British citizen, if the partnership is legally registered in their country of origin or country they come from or, in case the partnership is not registered, evidence of a cohabitation relationship can be brought; dependant- any other family member, regardless of nationality, who does not fall into the categories stated above and who, in the country of origin or provenance, is dependent or is a member of the household of the British citizen, or is in a situation where, for serious health grounds, his personal assistance is necessary; any other family member, irrespective of citizenship, others than the categories referred to above, whose presence on Romanian territory is necessary to the British citizen, lest the latter is deprived of the right of stay granted under the applicable law) of British citizens beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement may join them at any time after the end of the transition period. They may be subject to the obligation to apply for a entry visa for Romania, based on their nationality and taking into account the Lists annexed to EU Regulation 1806/2018, in order to regulate their status as family members. These visas are issued free of charge and falls under the terms of an accelerated procedure.

Third-country nationalsfamily members of British citizens beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement, who enter the territory of Romania after December 31, 2020/starting the 1st of January 2021 and who did not have the status of family members until December 31st 2020, are subject to the national legal visa obtaining regime, depending on the nationality, related to the lists annexed to the EU Regulation 1806/2018, as well as to other regulations, or may be exempted from the visa requirement.    

Family members who join British citizens, beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement, after the end of the transition period, may obtain an entry visa which is issued, free of charge, as soon as possible and under an accelerated procedure, given that they are not legally exempted from this obligation.



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