Ministry of Internal Affairs


Submission of applications for enrollement in the Integration Program is mandatory at the Regional Centers for Procedures and Accommodation of Asylum Petitioners of the General Inspectorate for Immigration

The steps of joining in the integration program (PI):

  • submitting the application within 90 days of acquiring a form of protection;
  • making an appointment for the interview of assessment of the individual needs, within 10 working days of the receipt of entry in the integration program;
  • sustaining the interview of assessment of the individual needs;
  • creating, together with the beneficiary, a plan with the steps in the process of integration (determining the activities based on needs and resources, setting deadlines for achieving the objectives);
  • if the conditions were met for enrollment in PI and for accommodation, the next step is the drafting of the Protocol, the informing of the beneficiaries’ rights and obligations under the Protocol and the signing of the Protocol by both the beneficiary and the person designated by I.G.I.

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