Ministry of Internal Affairs


4 October 2016

Mattia is the name of the first refugee child born today from a family of people relocated at the Asylum Centre Radauti

Today afternoon, the number of people in the Center of Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Seekers Radauti increased by one. A woman from Iran gave birth in the Radauti Hospital to a healthy baby boy weighing 3.5 kg.
Mattia is the first refugee child born in Romania refugee from a family of people transferred from Greece by the Intra EU resettlement program.
The parents – the father from Iraq and the mother from Iran – are in Romania since August, time during which they followed the procedures for obtaining a form of international protection, their requests being solved by granting them the refugee status.
After the necessary hospitalization days, Mattia and his mother will return to the center, where they are expected by father, the newborn will be recorded as the youngest applicant for asylum in Romania.
The event has created joy among people accommodated and the staff of the Centre who are eager to know the youngest tenant.
The Regional Centre for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers Radauti has a capacity of 116 seats, while the occupancy is approximately 25%.

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