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18 August 2016

Stage Evaluation – Increasing citizen safety through permanent control over compliance with the legislation in the migration domain, a priority of the General Inspectorate for Immigration

 In order to ensure a climate of order and public safety and to attain the priority objectives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the governmental program, this year the General Inspectorate for Immigration has placed particular emphasis on the prevention and combating of illegal residence and undeclared work of foreigners, nationally.
During the first seven months, the Immigration officers have aimed to increase the safety of citizens in the environments frequented by foreigners through permanent control over compliance with the law on residence, as well as through fighting illegal migration and illegal labor.
During the seven months the number of actions to prevent and combat illegal stay increased, nationally there was a daily average of over 20 activities carried out. In the course of these actions 1279 people were found to be in illegal situations. For foreigners who could not justify their presence in Romania, as well as those who no longer met the legal conditions for granting or extension of the residence, the police issued 1013 documents for leaving the territory of our country.
A significant increase of over 127% was registered at the return under escort of foreigners from our country, 232 people being sent away. The main reasons were attempted  / illegal border crossing and the failure to comply with the decision of return.
For 208 migrants, the police issued the necessary documents for detention until the return to their home countries, an up to 18% increase compared to last year.
As an alternative to forced removal, 90 people have opted for voluntary humanitarian repatriation program and left our country at a date agreed together with the International Organization for Migration.
The police sanctioned 2.792 foreign citizens for violation of the legislation on migration, 7% more than last year. They have been imposed fines totaling 736.726 lei.
Particular attention was paid to combating undeclared work of foreigners. On this line more companies which did not meet the legal regime regarding the employment and assignment of foreigners were sanctioned with a fine. Total fines amounted to 500,000 lei. For other two companies prior acts were drawn for committing the crime described by art.264 (al) of Law 53/2003 April from the Labor Code regarding “… receiving the work of more than five people, regardless of their nationality, without concluding a labor contract “.
This year another subject was taken into consideration: the increasing of the operational capacity to ensure necessary public services to foreigners, who requested the regulation of the right to stay or temporary or permanent residence in Romania, and the simplification of work procedures.

Thus, 457 requests for establishing residence in Romania were approved, most people coming from Turkey, China and Syria. Also, 12 743 temporary residence permits were issued, a slight decrease compared to the same period last year.

Permanent control over compliance with the law for the foreigners’ stay in Romania, fighting illegal migration and undeclared work remain our priority actions, these measures contributing to increasing citizen safety.

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