Ministry of Internal Affairs


27 January 2022

According to Law no. 122/2006 on asylum in Romania, as amended and supplemented, asylum seekers benefit from the following assistance measures::

  • Enjoy free accommodation upon demand in one of the six centers of the General Inspectorate for Immigration. These accommodation centers have living rooms and kitchens equipped properly, as well as recreational facilities (prayer rooms, clubs, playrooms, computer rooms and gyms) that are used for free by asylum seekers.
  • Accommodation in Regional IGI Centers involves ensuring personal hygiene and cleaning products, as well as providing material goods necessary for the preparation and cooking of food and for dining.
  • They benefit, on demand, if they do not dispose of material means for maintenance, of food within the amount of 20 lei / person / day, of an allowance for the purchase of clothing worth 200 lei / winter and 135 lei / hot season and for other expenses in the amount of 12 lei / person / day.
  • They benefit, on demand, of material assistance for renting a house when the accommodation capacity in the IGI centers is exceeded;
  • They have access to the labor market under the conditions provided by the law for Romanian citizens, after the expiry of a period of 3 months from the date of filing the asylum application, if the asylum seeker is still in the procedure of determining a form of protection.
  • They have access to free medical care and hospital emergency as well as medical assistance and free treatment in cases of acute or chronic illnesses;
  • Minor asylum seekers attending the Romanian language courses during the school year, will be enrolled after completing it in the compulsory school education system under the same conditions as Romanian citizens and minors. To ensure participation in the courses, IGI grants packages of school supplies.
  • They participate free of charge in cultural adaptation activities and may benefit in case of need from counseling and psychological support.
  • Children who are asylum seekers receive from the state the allowance for minors under the same conditions as for Romanian citizens.
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