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27 January 2022

Foreigners with a form of protection

You are entitled to receive healthcare under the same conditions as any Romanian citizen. In Romania, citizens must apply for medical insurance to receive comprehensive medical services.

You’re entitled to free health insurance if:

  • You are under 18 years
  • You have 18 to 26 years and you’re a student with no income
  • You have a disability with a certificate attesting that
  • You are pregnant and you do not have a stable income greater than or equal to minimum wage
  • Husband / wife has health insurance and you do not have income (are co-insured)

Also, if you are legally employed, your employer has the obligation to pay your contribution to the health insurance system.

Before you can access health services as insured person, you should contact the Health Insurance House (CAS) and to register with a family Physician.

If you are not included in the above categories must pay for health insurance.Thus, the amount of payment in the CAS account results from the application of the 10% quota to the calculation basis equal to six minimum gross wages per economy.

We encourage you to pay contributions to the health insurance after obtaining the form of protection.

Asylum seekers

Healthcare for asylum seekers:

  • It is provided by the medical staff of IGI accommodation centers, which constantly monitors the health of asylum seekers and, in case of Illness provides primary health care and free treatment;
  • In acute or chronic diseases that put life in imminent danger, they benefit from emergency hospital care

Foreign citizens with residence permit

Foreigners who have acquired the right to stay in Romania are entitled to health care under the same conditions established by law for Romanian citizens. To receive healthcare they have to pay the contribution to the health insurance fund.

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