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---------- Hi All New Customer --------------
We Make Money Together
- I'm a real hacker and legit businessman
- I have over 10 years of experience in hacker's world 
- I only to work with reliable buyers 
- I'm looking for more good partners to do business long time with me
===>> Contact me :
YH ID : d4rk.seller 
Mail :
ICQ : 661641297
Gmail :

CCV US : Visa , Master 8$ per 1 / Amex, disco 10$ per 1
CCV CANADA : Visa , Master 15$ per 1 / Amex, disco 17$ per 1
CCV AU : Visa , Master 20$ per 1 
CCV UK : Visa , Master 20$ per 1 / Amex, dis 22$ per 1 
CCV INTER ( GERMANY , ITALY , SWEDEN, HK , CHINA , SPAIN , Belgium, India, Norway, Bulgaria, Finland, ....) 20$ per 1

4761710000041884|05/18|644|Debrah Bates|Debrah|Bates|9933 E. Rosewood St|Tucson|85748|AZ|1-123456789||VANTAGE WEST C.U.|VISA|DEBIT|US
4843400969048938|11/20|827|Tiffany Christiansen|Tiffany|Christiansen|573 N 300 W|Lehi|840431516|UT|1-123456789||BANK OF AMERICAN FORK|VISA|DEBIT|US
4356300601737568|09/19|817|Kimberly Freeman|Kimberly|Freeman|6817 Branton Dr|Cary|27519|NC|1-123456789||BANK OF AMERICA, N.A.|VISA|DEBIT|US
4504400022691948|06|2019|582|Daljit singh|393 fernforest drive|Brampton|Ontario(ON)|L6R 3B6 
5258992910007679|06|2019|786|Geoffrey Tickel|2 Ch de Chatel|Lac Beauport (Or) Jamison|Qu#233bec(QC)|G3B 0H8 
5199550002885402|08|2018|245|STEPHEN MOLACEK|45405Via Java|Temecula|California(CA)|92592 
4564759816466768|03/18|835|Lachlan Wells|Lachlan|Wells|45 Sheridan Ave|Adamstown Heights|2289|NS|61-448023384||NEWCASTLE PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, LTD.|VISA|DEBIT|AU
5326555206369034|05/18|907|Alyssa Hinds|Alyssa|Hinds|2 Protea Crescent Rosebery 2 Protea Crescent Rosebery|Rosebery|0832|NT|61-437935286||COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA|MASTERCARD|DEBIT|AU
5163610058682301|02/20|361|Kirsten Biglin|Kirsten|Biglin|3/83 Gardner Street|Como|6152|WA|61-488141770||WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION|MASTERCARD|DEBIT|AU
5468279046184812|03/19|923|Jade Ragunathan|Jade|Ragunathan|32 Hoffschildt Drive|Currumbin Waters|4223|QL|61-415051478||AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND BANKING GROUP, LTD.|MASTERCARD|CREDIT|AU
5391232064433639|01/19|861|Clarissa Saccenti|Clarissa|Saccenti|Flat 27, Stylus House Devonport Street|London|E10EG||44-7481154511|||MASTERCARD|CREDIT|GB
5460978507918620|10/18|964|Tia Toriola|Tia|Toriola|40 Mortimer House Queensdale Crescent|London|W114TQ||44-7951550169||CAPITAL ONE (EUROPE) PLC|MASTERCARD|CREDIT|GB
5299303941000611|09/18|058|Deborah Addison|Deborah|Addison|2 Dovenanter Cottage, Keasden, Near Clapham|Via Lancaster|LA28HB||44-1524251090||HSBC BANK PLC|MASTERCARD|CREDIT|GB
5299307915831281|02/17|189|Rachel Brocklehurst|Rachel|Brocklehurst|3 Wharfe Close|Congleton|CW123RW||44-7921172916||HSBC BANK PLC|MASTERCARD|CREDIT|GB
5186525005457958|08/19|236|Janette Swainson|Janette|Swainson|3 The Parklands,,|Penrith|CA118TF||44-1768890994||ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC|MASTERCARD|CREDIT|GB
5186528998508209|07/19|594|Paula Lee|Paula|Lee|26 Willow Way,,|Radlett|WD78DX||44-7795664622||ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC|MASTERCARD|CREDIT|GB 

===>> Contact me : 
YH ID : d4rk.seller 
Mail :
ICQ : 661641297
Gmail :

★ Refund Policy ★
- If u want test please buy 2~5 and then if the cvv is good u can buy more from me 
- If u buy over 20, I will sell for u good price 
- Cvv will be sent to you after receiving payment. Orders will be sent via e-mail or when you want. 
- I have a replacement policy for bad Cvv. All my cvv are inspected before sale 
- I accept PM (Perfect money), MG (MoneyGram), Bitcoin 
- I sure you will happy if business with me 
- If you don't buy from me please don't spam me. 
- I very hate do spam or ripper and i don't want who spam me. 
- Hope you are better customer and we can to work for long time 
- Thanks for read

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